Grow Gums Back Naturally

Bleeding disease, swollen gums known as periodontal disease, is a condition in which the gum is infected when such inflammation, sometimes to the tissue at the foot of the tooth and entire bone.

This disease is caused by bacterial plaque, has not been sufficiently removed from the teeth, which will affect tooth enamel and accumulate on the teeth and gums to produce gingivitis. When bleeding and soreness or pain occur, inflammation has spread to the bones: it is paradentosis that is responsible for caries and tooth loss.

Receding Gums Grow Back Naturally

So today we will see some home remedies for paradox. How to get rid of gum recession? In almost all cases, gingivitis - or gum disease - is caused by improper tooth and gum cleansing. Although it may be possible to help treat gum disease at home, it is always better to seek a dentist for proper assessment and treatment. Proper brushing, flossing, gurgling and irrigation can help prevent gum recession.

Method 1 Treatment of gum recession with medical help

1 - Know the symptoms of gum recession. Gum recession can develop in the early stages with few visible symptoms. As gum inflammation worsens and progresses to complete periodontitis, the symptoms are usually: Bleeding gums after brushing. Gums softer, sunken and red than normal. Persistent bad breath (halitosis). Deep spaces between teeth and gums cause loose teeth. Click here now

2 - Understand how plaque causes problems. Food trapped under the gums combine with bacteria to create plaque, a "poisonous broth" that irritates gums and causes bleeding.

This transparent layer of sticky material, containing particles of food, bacteria, and saliva, sticks to the teeth above and below the gum line, promoting the appearance of advanced gum and tooth problems. Then the plaque, the "toxic broth", cures and becomes tartar (calculation) in 24 hours.

With the damaged injury, only a dentist can remove the calculus. This "contaminated crust" grows daily and adds gums. For this reason, remove the plaque daily - and at all costs - to prevent the development of gum recession. Alone, brushing does not remove plaque.

3 - Learn about non-surgical options. Most treatments involve the dentist, even though they contain the progress of the disease half of the problem. Consider the following non-surgical treatments for the treatment of diarrhea. Professional cleaning. Your dentist may recommend that you clean your teeth and gums twice a year if the gingivitis is likely to develop in you.

The dentist who administers the cleansing removes plaque and tartar that is below and above your chewing gum. Scraping and smoothing. Like professional cleaning, this method is given under local anesthesia. The patient's plaque and tartar are scraped and complicated stitches removed (smoothing). This procedure is performed when the dentist determines that plaque and tartar during the gum line should be removed. See this

4 Know the surgical options. Advanced gum recession or periodontitis should be attacked through dental surgery. These operations are: Reduction of periodontal pocket. This operation reduces the gap between the gums and the tooth by lifting the chewing gum flaps, removing the plaque and the tartar, and attaching the gums to the teeth.

Soft tissue graft. Tissues taken mainly from the mouth of the mouth are transplanted into the gums to strengthen the problems or fill the spaces with small gums. Bone graft surgery/grafts.

How To Grow Back Receding Gums Naturally?

Bone grafts provide a new platform for the old and sick bones so that regrowth can occur, increasing the stability of the teeth. The grafts can originate from your bones, donated bones or synthetic bones. Bone surgery involves smoothing holes and cracks in existing bones, usually after surgery reduction.

Bone surgery prevents bacterial entry into the bones and causes further deterioration. Tissue Regeneration. If the dental beam has become completely worn out by gingivitis, this procedure helps to support bone and tissue regeneration through the surgical installation of cloth between the bone and the gum.

5 - Hélp yourself. Whatever happéns in the déntist's chair, this is what happens in your bathroom that determines the success or failure of your treatment. Note that most home mechanisms, such as conditioners or creams, treat the symptoms of inflammation and do not remove the bark or plaque being built - which causes gum recession and periodontitis.

Reverse and preventive from gum disease involve daily plaque control. This means in most cases that the control of the plaque in the mouth is in your hands. Brushing daily is a good start, but that's not enough. Natural and Home Remedies for gum disease Vitamin C Vitamin C deficiency can directly affect gums health.

VitaminC is an anti-oxidant and helps repair connective tissue and bone regeneration. With signs of paradentosis, your intake of vitamin C increases both as a dietary supplement and as a food rich in this vitamin: citrus, kiwi, mango, papaya, red pepper, and broccoli. Tea tree oil The tea tree oil is an essential oil extracted from Melaleuca species and has strong antibiotic properties.

If gingivitis and periodontal disease parts are applied topically to the gingiva brush teeth or directly on the brush, one drop twice a week. blueberry Cranberry juice is used medically to combat parental disease. It will be expedient to consume it as a drink that takes 1/4 liter per day.
massage Massage your gums daily twice a day for 5 minutes each time, in case of periodontal disease, to stimulate circulation and promote the healing process of gum tissues and elimination of harmful bacteria. burdock This Herbal remedy can help in case of gum disease. This is the case for a cage. To do this, prepare a tea with a teaspoon of burdock in a cup of warm water and leave to cool. Use this preparation as a mouthwash after brushing teeth.

Rosemary Use fresh rosémary to massage the inflaméd gums, crush them before use. Rosemary helps stimulate circulation and cure gums. bicarbonate Apply some baking soda into your wet toothbrush to brush your teeth and gums to help remove infectious bacteria and prevent swelling caused by paradox. These natural home remedies will help to prevent and alleviate inflammation and bleeding gums.
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